Extended longevity for concrete bridge decks

Bridges must withstand significantly higher environmental and structural stress than normal roadways – more freeze-thaw cycles, additional salt and chloride applications, and increased vibrations and movement. Latex modified concrete is a high-performance concrete modifier that provides extended life for bridge decks and parking garages, either by being applied during initial construction or during rehabilitation overlays. STYROFAN 1186, a styrene-butadiene emulsion polymer, can be mixed with concrete on-site to create latex modified concrete that cures with greater compressive strength than unmodified concrete. STYROFAN 1186 is suitable for use in standard concrete or with very early set/rapid set concrete to meet shortened construction periods. Latex modified concrete with STYROFAN 1186 is a proven solution for achieving strength and durability anywhere that bridge decks are treated with chlorides and salt or exposed to coastal conditions. STYROFAN 1186 has been pre-qualified by the FHWA under FHWA RD-78-35.

Product highlights

  • Greater compressive and flexural strengths than Portland cement or dry cement admixtures
  • Excellent reduction of chloride permeability
  • Strong bonding to underlying concrete base
  • Reduced water required for placement of mix
  • Strong abrasion resistance
  • Reduced cracking during curing and life cycle

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