Solyfast™ 0010

A tin-free photo latent metal catalyst for 2k PU coatings to significantly increase curing times

Solyfast™ 0010 is designed for use into 2K PUR systems both clear and pigmented, such as coatings used for the protection of plastics, wood and metal substrates. Furthermore, thanks to its broad absorption spectra, it can be used into pigmented coatings. It is particularly recommended when fast catalysis is required and – at the same time – a longer pot-life of the formulation than with non- latent catalysts is desired.

Product highlights

  • Fast curing of 2K-PUR coating at room temperature
  • Short time to dust-free
  • Short time to handle/moving of coated coatings
  • Long pot-life, i.e.>1hr

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