Mid-shear thickener with medium pseudoplasticity that provides excellent orientation of effect pigments.

RHEOVIS® PU 1250 NC is a non-ionic rheology modifier for waterborne coatings that provides structural viscosity. It is a polyurethane polymer in water/butoxydiglycol. This yellowish, white hazy liquid is suitable for thickening and modification of flow properties of waterborne polymers and other aqueous systems as well as for finished products like coatings and putties. These properties can be achieved in all kind of emulsions based on e.g. acrylic copolymer, vinyl acetate homopolymer, acrylic polymers, PVAc-VC copolymers, polyurethanes, amine neutralized and emulsified systems. It is a mid-shear thickener with medium pseudoplasticity.

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