Non-associative pure acrylic thickener; most Newtonian product in the RHEOVIS® AS range.

RHEOVIS® AS 1337 is an effective rheological control agent for water-borne systems. It is designed to improve the Newtonian rheological properties over a wide shear rate interval without exhibiting any significant thixotropic effect. Thus, RHEOVIS® AS 1337 allows formulation of high gloss paint systems with optimal flow properties for manual application techniques. This white liquid is a formulation based on an acrylic copolymer. Typical end-use applications include: glossy emulsion paints for household paints and glossy, low duty industrial paints. Since RHEOVIS® AS 1337 is a synthetically derived product it is less susceptible to microbiological attack than derivatives of cellulose. Consequently the paint formulator can substantially reduce the level of biocide leading to a broader area of application. RHEOVIS® AS 1337 is most effective over the pH range 7.5 – 10.5.

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