Acrylic rheology modifier for low-shear viscosity control

RHEOVIS AS 1130 is an alkali swellable emulsion (ASE) that, upon neutralization with a base, imparts strong shear thinning characteristics in water-based coating systems. This pseudoplastic nature gives formulators a cost effective way to improve the anti-settling and sag resistance without compromising leveling and film build. RHEOVIS AS 1130 should be considered for maximum anti-settling and sag resistance.

Product highlights

  • Strong shear thinning effect
  • Improves anti-settling and sag resistance
  • Excellent spray properties
  • Good viscosity stability after tinting
  • Low VOC content
  • APEO-free
  • Heavy-metals-free (e.g. organic tin compounds)
  • Solvent-free
  • Very efficient at low dosage

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