Medium solids supplied in exempt solvents for clearcoats with 30 min sand and buff time for superior gloss and durability

JONCRYL RPD 950-AC/P is a specialty acrylic polyol with rapid property development for solvent-borne 2K polyurethane systems in automotive refinish and general industrial applications. This polyol, when cross-linked with either BASONAT HI 100 or HI 190 aliphatic trimer isocyanate, provides fast cure with early hardness development and a long pot life. JONCRYL RPD 950-AC/P offers early buffability for automotive refinish applications.

Product highlights

  • Balance of early hardness, fast cure and pot life
  • Exceptional flow and leveling properties
  • Early buffability
  • Superior clarity and DOI
  • Excellent gloss
  • Excellent exterior and durability
  • Very low in-can color
  • Low VOC capability

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