Novel 1K acrylic dispersion to prevent knot bleeding in stained or pigmented coating systems.

JONCRYL 9522 is an anionic stabilized, 1-component (1K) acrylic dispersion which addresses both sustainability and performance related technical challenges seamlessly. It contains 20% renewable content, and features excellent knot bleeding resistance, which makes it a great option for wood furniture primers. It also achieves excellent adhesion to softwood substrates, like pine, good block resistance and quick dry time. The product is ready for sanding after only 20 minutes of dry time at room temperature.

Product highlights

  • Prevents knot bleeding on pine
  • 1 component (1K)
  • Waterbased
  • Ambient drying temperature
  • Approx. 20% renewable content (14C)
  • Excellent block resistance
  • Sanding-ready after 20 mins at room temperature

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Suggested applications:

  • Wood furniture

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