EFKA® SL 3257

Highly effective solvent-free slip additive and leveling agent for non-aqueous coatings and UV systems

EFKA SL 3257 is a solvent-free, 100% active, polyether modified polysiloxane, for use in inks, coatings and paints. EFKA SL 3257 exhibits excellent substrate wetting and reduction of surface tension of the liquid film. It is compatible with a wide range of resins and provides slip modified surfaces that are conducive to recoatability. Additionally, EFKA SL 3257 has been found to improve gloss, scratch resistance and leveling of coatings, and provides very efficient reduction of CoF (coefficient of friction).

Product highlights

  • 100% active, polyether modified polysiloxane, slip and leveling agent
  • Broad compatibility in a wide range of resins
  • Produces surfaces that are conducive to recoatability
  • Improves gloss, scratch-resistance, and leveling
  • Highly efficient at reducing coefficient of friction

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