EFKA® RM 1900

Rheology modifier that provides excellent sag resistance for non-aqueous formulations with higher temperature stability.

EFKA® RM 1900 is a thickening agent in micronised form for nonaqueous coatings. It is particularly intended for use in paint manufacturing processes involving relatively high working temperatures. EFKA® RM 1900 produces very strong thixotropic effects in solvent based coatings. However, the type of solvent is of decisive importance to its thixotropic behavior. The solvents should mainly consist of mineral spirits and aromatics. A combination with esters, ketones and alcohols is possible up to certain limits. This white, microfine powder is a modified hydrogenated castor oil. EFKA® RM 1900 is suitable as a rheology additive for solvent based and solvent-free systems such as epoxy resin paints, plastisols, caulking compounds, putties and knifing fillers.