EFKA® PX 4787

EFKA PX 4787 (70% version of Efka PX 4780) is a high molecular weight dispersant that is cross-linkable with NCO and melamine-based resin matrices, which can deliver superior dispersing efficiency, while also maintaining hardness. Even tested in difficult pigments such as carbon black, quinacridone red and phthalo blue, EFKA PX 4787 can deliver fantastic color development, transparency and gloss. Especially well-suited for demanding applications such as automotive coatings.

Product highlights

  • Exponentially lower pigment paste viscosity at lower addition levels
  • Relatively consistent and stable viscosity over wide addition range
  • Cross-linkable with NCO and melamine-based resin matrices for optimal durability
  • Exceptional jetness for carbon black pigments
  • Excellent gloss development
  • Highest available transparency in CAB-containing systems

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