EFKA® PU 4063

EFKA PU 4063 is a polymeric wetting and dispersing agent for the deflocculation of inorganic and organic pigments in high-quality solvent-based pigment pastes. This yellowish liquid is a modified polyurethane. EFKA PU 4063 reduces the dispersing time and the mill base viscosity and thus facilitates the formulation of highly concentrated pigment pastes. After the pigment paste has been blended into paint, EFKA PU 4063 prevents flooding and floating of pigments and promotes excellent gloss and high color intensity. This product is readily compatible with a wide range of binder types. Pigment pastes based on EFKA PU 4063 can therefore be used in two-component polyurethane paints, two-component epoxy paints, unsaturated polyester, stoving paints and air-drying paints.

Suggested applications: