DISPEX® Ultra PX 4585

DISPEX Ultra PX 4585 is a waterborne dispersant of the acrylate block copolymer family of products made by controlled free radical polymerization (CFRP). This technology allows formulating polymeric dispersants with defined polymer architecture and a low poly-dispersity index. DISPEX Ultra PX 4585 is especially suited for the dispersion of pigments in water-based coatings. DISPEX Ultra PX 4585 offers high efficiency in stabilizing pigments and demonstrates wide compatibility with many water-based resin systems. This makes DISPEX Ultra PX 4585 ideally suited for the use of the concept of resin-free pigment concentrates (RFPC).

Product highlights

  • High efficiency in stabilizing pigments
  • Demonstrates wide compatibility with many water-based resin systems

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