DISPEX® Ultra FA 4480

Universal, non-ionic wetting and dispersing agent; powerful alternative to APEOs; improves gloss development, color intensity and color acceptance.

DISPEX® Ultra FA 4480 is a wetting a dispersing agent with excellent pigment wetting properties for coatings and aqueous pigment pastes. It shows excellent wetting and dispersing properties in aqueous, binder and solvent-free pigment pastes. DISPEX® Ultra FA 4480 also provides outstanding flow properties even at high pigment load. In topcoats based on different binder types DISPEX® Ultra FA 4480 improves pigment wetting and therefore increases gloss and color intensity of the paint, especially in combination with organic pigments. This product also shows excellent results in waterbased alkyds, polyester resins as also in aqueous polyurethane emulsions.