DISPEX® Ultra FA 4425

Dispersing agent for universal colorants for decorative tinting systems; makes colorants with excellent compatibility and stability.

DISPEX® Ultra FA 4425 stabilizes all kinds of pigments and extenders in water- and solvent-based systems, especially in decorative coatings. In addition it makes polar ingredients of universal colorants more compatible with non-polar solvent-based paints into which they may be incorporated. This results in: maximum color development of the colorant based on DISPEX® Ultra FA 4425, optimum color acceptance of universal colorants in base-paints, and higher pigment loading in colorants. DISPEX® Ultra FA 4425, used as a single wetting and dispersing agent, is considered suitable for VOC-free applications, particularly universal colorants. When using universal colorants in decorative paints, the addition of DISPEX® Ultra FA 4425 to the base paints (water and solvent) can increase compatibility and color acceptance, especially in water-based and ultra-low aromatic content decorative paints.

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