DISPEX® Ultra FA 4420

Universal dispersing agent for inorganic fillers and pigments; also suitable as codispersing agent with high-molecular-weight dispersing agents; will improve compatibility and color acceptance of universal colorants in base paints.

DISPEX® Ultra FA 4420 is a fatty acid modified polyester that stabilizes inorganic and organic pigments in water and solvents. It provides maximum color development, higher pigment loading and optimum color acceptance. This product is used for universal colorants for decorative paints. When using universal colorants in decorative paints, the addition of DISPEX® Ultra FA 4420 to the base paints (water and solvent) can increase compatibility and color acceptance and prevents de-wetting of the colorants. DISPEX® Ultra FA 4420 is an activator for Bentonites as well as for associated and acrylic thickeners.

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