DISPEX® Ultra FA 4416

DISPEX Ultra FA 4416 is a wetting and dispersing agent for aqueous coatings with high gloss, color strength and excellent rub-out properties. It is designed for aqueous top coats based on various binder types’ e.g. polyester solutions, polyacrylics, PUR-emulsions. With its excellent wetting properties, DISPEX Ultra FA 4416 when used with inorganic and organic pigments produces a high gloss and good color development in low and co-solvent free systems. DISPEX Ultra FA 4416 prevents rub-out effects by using critical pigment combinations, e.g. titanium dioxide / phthalo blue. It is suitable for air and oven drying coatings as well as baking coatings. Since DISPEX Ultra FA 4416 has no effect on pot-life it is also recommended for aqueous 2 pack PUR coatings. It allows the formulation of economical inorganic slurries and pigment concentrates for emulsion paints and consumer coatings.

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