Proven performance in asphalt modification

BUTONAL NS 175 is a mechanically stable polymer emulsion that can be readily pre-blended into hot asphalt cement in order to meet Superpave “Plus” modified binder specifications. It provides improvements in conventional properties such as increased softening point and decreased penetration. It can be used to modify asphalt cement at the hotmix plant by adding it directly to the pug mill (batch HMA plant) following the asphalt addition. It can also be applied through injection into the asphalt line prior to entering the drum (continuous HMA plant). BUTONAL NS 175 is especially effective at increasing asphalt viscosity. It is utilized to produce modified binders for use in OGFC mixes to prevent drain down. BUTONAL NS 175 can also be incorporated into anionic asphalt emulsions through its addition to the soap solution (batch process) or co-milling (continuous process). BUTONAL NS 175 can also be used in Liquid Applied Sound Damping (LASD) applications.

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