High-strength styrene-acrylic binder for polyester nonwovens

ACRONAL 4888 is a self-crosslinking styrene-acrylic polymer emulsion that contains acrylonitrile and is used to bring strength to nonwovens used in commercial roofing applications. The unique properties of ACRONAL 4888 are crucial when working with polyester nonwovens, especially when producing asphalt shingles and build-up roof (BUR) membranes that require binding strength, flexibility, and the ability to stand up to hot asphalt. ACRONAL 4888 provides excellent adhesion to polyester and glass fibers, high heat resistance, and outstanding thermal dimensional stability.

Product highlights

  • Water-based self-crosslinking binder
  • Good adhesion to polyester and glass fibers
  • High heat resistance
  • Outstanding thermal dimensional stability

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