All Acrylic resin for cementitious formulations

ACRONAL 4624 is recommended for use in mortar based applications (e.g., repair, patching and adhesives). ACRONAL 4624 latex tested “as-is” or in water diluted admixtures yields excellent 5 cycle freeze-thaw resistance. Compositions formulated with ACRONAL 4624 show excellent mortar compatibility, flow, spreadability, and trowelability, as well as good pot life, high temperature open time and rapid set time. Well formulated polymer modified mortars including ACRONAL 4624 maintain homogeneous consistency in the wet state (i.e., no liquid phase separation) and crack free appearance with good compressive strength in the hardened state.

Product highlights

  • Aqueous acrylate copolymer for mortar modification

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Suggested applications:

  • Waterproofing
  • Latex bonding agent
  • Decorative concrete
  • Self leveling underlayment
  • Spray / knockdown
  • EIFS / synthetic stucco
  • Tile adhesive / grout
  • Pool plaster
  • Concrete patch and repair

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