EFKA® SI 2008

Silicone-based highly efficient air-release agent with excellent compatibility with non-aqueous coatings such as epoxy, polyurethane or UPE systems

EFKA SI 2008 is an air-release agent especially for medium- and long oil alkyds, 2-pack epoxy, and unsaturated polyester and PUR systems. It can be used in clear and in pigmented coatings. This universal air release agent is also for systems that are applied in thick layers. Examples are coatings for flooring, casting and molding based on e.g. unsaturated polyesters, 2-pack epoxies, polyurethanes etc. EFKA SI 2008 provides films and surfaces without any foam or bubbles after curing even at film thicknesses of more than 1 mm. It is also possible to use EFKA SI 2008 for lower film thickness coatings as also together with airless application. EFKA SI 2008 has no impact on transparency of coatings and therefore shows its advantages if applied in clear coatings.

Product highlights

  • Fast and reliable foam suppression
  • No haze, fogging, or impact on coating transparency
  • High compatibility
  • Excellent long-term persistency

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