LOXANOL CA 5310 (formerly Loxanol EFC 100) Emission Free Coalescent was developed for coatings formulations with less than 50 g/l VOC. It is produced from renewable raw materials and can replace traditional VOC contributing coalescent. Traditional coalescent vaporize in the air during the drying process and contribute towards VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). However, LOXANOL CA 5310 remains in the paint film to provide a long lasting coalescing effect and at the same time increasing the total solids content of the system. LOXANOL CA 5310 is supplied as a 100% active pale yellow liquid. LOXANOL CA 5310 not only reduces the VOCs of the paint, but also improves key performance properties.

Product highlights

  • Low odor
  • Does not contribute to the VOC content of the plant
  • Improved scrub resistance
  • Good low-temperature cure
  • Higher gloss values
  • Improved Rheology modifier efficiency
  • Good color acceptance/color development
  • Non-yellowing
  • Non-hazardous and based on renewable resources

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